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The People of The Watermark at Napa Valley: Dining Director Katharine Lenane

In a destination known for its exquisite dining, Katharine Lenane, our Dining Director, is committed to ensuring residents enjoy similar experiences at The Watermark at Napa Valley.

Getting her start on the East Coast, Katharine relocated to wine country in 2012 and worked in
hospitality at Ledson Luxury Hotel in Sonoma, CA. A creative and motivated professional, she
then honed her skills as Dining Events Manager at Marks the Spot Fine Food Catering & Events,
a small chef-owned company that produces more than 100 events each year. There, Katharine
developed the ability to wear many hats, as she was one of only three individuals on the small
operating team.

Responsible for site visits and tastings; service contracts and vendor agreement compliance;
hiring and training staff; and assisting in menu creation, budgeting, planning; and more, she
demonstrated her commitment to getting the job done. “She has a dedicated, if not overtaxing,
work ethic and will take on any task when asked,” says Laura Reese, Events Manager and
Planner at Marks the Spot Fine Food Catering & Events.

Katharine also served as Operating Manager for Kitchens of the Valley, a chef-collective
community business she and two partners founded amid the pandemic to create a foundation
of collective support among local artisans and culinary talent.

As Dining Director at The Watermark at Napa Valley, she is excited to dedicate herself to a
company whose mission is founded in the care and compassion of those it serves. Throughout
her career, Katharine, known by some as Katie, has put others at ease with her positive and
joyful energy. “As Katie arrives on property, she brings a sense of joy, calm strength, and
organization,” says Katie Simpson, owner of Chase Cellars.

When she isn’t focused on elevating the dining experience at The Watermark at Napa Valley,
Katherine enjoys traveling, listening to music, creating art, baking, and cooking.